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Happening Stuff

Posted by on April 9, 2015

It has been awhile since I’ve managed to post anything, but I do have a stack of blog post notes.  You know what I’m talking about, right? Odd scraps of paper and the occasional Post-It note with cryptic reminders of what I want to say in my next blog post. One of the notes is longer than my typical entry, so why I didn’t just log in and post it is a mystery for the ages.

Actually, it is not that much of a mystery. I think I owe it to all three of my readers to take the time to create a readable post. So, instead of a half-assed (but inspired) post you get a slightly more thought out (but boring) post. Eh, it is what it is.

There has been quite a bit happening in the last month.

* I had the opportunity to audition for the Oklahoma City Listen to Your Mother show. Ultimately, I was not cast, but I had a great time and I will definitely submit to be included in future shows. Tickets are on sale now and I promise you will enjoy the show. If you are not close to OKC check out the other cities where LTYM is shaking and quaking.

* The scholarship committee of the OWFI Conference saw fit to grant me a full scholarship to the conference. Yippee! In case you have missed the 9,483 posts about it, my daughter is at ballet boarding school. If you are wondering how much money that takes – the short answer is “all of it.” This scholarship is a true blessing.

* DFW Writers’ Workshop has asked me to lead the teen program again this year. Last year was amazing and I am working hard to make it even better this year. First of all, we are expanding from six to eight weeks. Not every week will have a speaker – we are leaving some time for hands-on work on the anthology. It is pretty much going to be the best teen workshop anywhere, ever.

* My local public library has been kind enough to let me hang out and do fun stuff with the kids in the summer reading and spring break programs. After a recent stint they asked me to run a summer writing program for TWEENS and, of course, I said yes. (I’d like to note that I agreed before I realized those tiny disease vectors had given me strep throat. I shall be loading up on Emergen-C before and after each session this summer.) My favorite thing about these programs is that it is all about letting the creativity flow and getting your words on paper. There are no tests, no worries, just magic. (And we make generous use of Mad Libs, which is the most fun group activity ever.)

* I have taken on a client for submissions services. She jokingly refers to me as her “pre-agent-agent.” It is going well, so I am going to open up to accept a few more clients. I’m still working out the details because I want the service to be affordable and personalized, but I still have to handle my own submissions, too.  Writing is writing, submitting is business; if you are a talented writer with weak business skills it makes sense to outsource. Anyway, look for details in early summer.

* And, finally, OWFI has chosen me to lead a “Buzz Session” on Friday night! I hope you can join me in the Atrium for a discussion of Flash Fiction, namely what is it and why you should care. There will be other topics available if you want to rip my heart out and crush it under the heel of your boot.

There has been a lot of non-writing related stuff happening (and even a few more writing things I didn’t mention), so I feel like I am constantly in motion. Many people believe that staying home equates to doing nothing. They are so very wrong. Yes, there are some days that I pretend time doesn’t exist and I binge on Netflix and veggie chips, but most days are full of actual work (and I’m not talking about housework). I really wouldn’t have it any other way.

Be happy, my friends.


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