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Write Club 2015

Five years ago, DL Hammons thought it might be fun to hold a little online fight club. Of course, writers only know one way to fight – with pens. (I guess that is actually two. In addition to words, we might stab you with the pen if things get heated in a struggle over the … Continue reading »

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This may have been me today. One of my favorite things about conference season is getting new cards. This year I went with something very simple and opted to not highlight a particular manuscript. I’m happy with how they turned out and I can’t wait for pin trading to swap cards with new friends at … Continue reading »

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Random Thoughts

I have mentally written a dozen blog posts in the past two weeks. Every, single day I tell myself that I must update my blog. Huh, seems like a big, fat fail on the updating front. (You’ll just have to believe me that those dozen mental posts were so full of awesome it would have … Continue reading »

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I’m not dead!

Gee, I kind of dropped off the face of the earth after my 31 Days of Thoughtful Giving. I could give you all kinds of excuses, but what’s the point? Life happens. There are some pretty exciting things happening in my world. The DFWCon committee is working feverishly on final details for the 2014 event. … Continue reading »

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No Word Wasted

“No Word Wasted” is the tag line for the DFW Writers’ Conference.  I had always imagined it to be an inspirational cheer – don’t let those words wallow in the back of your mind, get them out in the world. Today, as I flipped through my notes from last night’s DFW Writers’ Workshop, I noticed … Continue reading »

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Conference Hook-ups

If you came here looking for the secret code word to get you into the writers’ conference swinger parties, you are about to be disappointed.  (Somehow I feel like it might not be a foreign feeling for you.) This is a post about the fun things you can observe at conference. (Not that, perv.)  The … Continue reading »

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Hey, y’all!

Have you been missing me? I’m sure you’ve been refreshing your browser over and over, hoping for a new post. Well, this isn’t it. I’ve been really busy…you know…writing. I do have a little something up on the DFW Writers’ Workshop site and will have the 4-week check-up on DFW Writers’ Conference this upcoming Monday. … Continue reading »

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Query Success

As mentioned in my post about the Query Letter Gong Show, only ONE letter out of 23 made it through without being gonged. Through the magic of social media, the writer of that letter got in touch with me and agreed to share his experience. The original letter: Dear Literary Professional: Killing a demon is harder … Continue reading »

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Submitting after Conference

If a writer does their homework and the planets align correctly, they will leave conference with a submission request. Then the panic sets in.  How do I handle this? Do I send it right away? Should I have a copy to hand them on the spot? How late is too late? Breathe into the paper bag while … Continue reading »

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Query Letter Gong Show

The final event at DFW Writers’ Conference is the Query Letter Gong Show.  Brave souls slip a copy of their query letter into a collection box over the weekend in the hopes they will be randomly selected and read for a panel of agents who will then demand to sign them on the spot.  Pretty … Continue reading »

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