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Time Warp

Do you ever wake up and realize that a week (or more) has passed and you just don’t know what happened to it? I must admit that happens far too often to me. It usually means that I have been working intently and just remembered that the outside world exists. (Sometimes it means I have been … Continue reading »

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I went to book club last night. I’m not going to tell you what book we read because I thought it was awful. The idea was great and held fantastic potential. The writing was flat and uninspired. There were numerous errors that should have been caught by someone in the process at the Big Five … Continue reading »

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Team Thompson

I have the distinct pleasure of being a groupie friend of the amazing Arianne “Tex” Thompson. I knew from the moment I met her that she was amazing. The fact that she immediately dubbed us “Team Thompson” was just icing on the new friend cake. She is all kinds of goo this week because her … Continue reading »

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In preparation for the DFW Writers’ TEEN Workshop, I prepared a list of sites that aspiring writers might find helpful or interesting.  Without further ado, presented in all their random glory — DFW Writers’ Conference DFW Writers’ Workshop Absolute Write forums – a little bit of everything Fan Fiction Q&A Dictionary and Thesaurus Visuwords – graphical … Continue reading »

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Summertime and the livin’ is easy

Are you sitting in your backyard, toes tickled by the green grass while the summer breeze spins the straw in your drink? If so, you definitely do not live near me! It is hot and the “bad” part of the summer hasn’t even arrived. We’ve yet to see 100 degrees and we’ve had a couple … Continue reading »

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Undue Influence

What are the things that shape the way you write? I have recently discovered that being part of DFW Writers’ Workshop has influenced my writing beyond the obvious. In our group, you have 15 minutes to read, which is followed by 5 minutes of critique.  Critiques are generally very to-the-point, so 5 minutes is adequate. … Continue reading »

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No Word Wasted

“No Word Wasted” is the tag line for the DFW Writers’ Conference.  I had always imagined it to be an inspirational cheer – don’t let those words wallow in the back of your mind, get them out in the world. Today, as I flipped through my notes from last night’s DFW Writers’ Workshop, I noticed … Continue reading »

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Thrilled or Chilled?

Today I ran across a little site called “I Write Like.”  You plug in some text for analysis and it tells you who you write like. I plugged in a section from Without Mercy that I am reading at DFWWW tonight. I write like Stephen King I Write Like. Analyze your writing! Really? Wow! I … Continue reading »

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The Importance of Being Out There

It is a very ill-kept secret that I am a h-u-g-e fan of writers’ groups.  I often stress the importance of being in a good critique group, but it is really about more than that. This week I am doing a final edit on my manuscript before fulfilling some conference requests. (Yes, it is taking … Continue reading »

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Hey, y’all!

Have you been missing me? I’m sure you’ve been refreshing your browser over and over, hoping for a new post. Well, this isn’t it. I’ve been really busy…you know…writing. I do have a little something up on the DFW Writers’ Workshop site and will have the 4-week check-up on DFW Writers’ Conference this upcoming Monday. … Continue reading »

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